Wood waste grinder WINTER CHIPPERMAX 830 / 260

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Wood waste grinder WINTER CHIPPERMAX 830 / 260
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Technical dates

Funnel opening 830 x 995 mm
- Hopper volume 0.9 m3
- Performance depends on material and screen size
- Engine 22 KW
- Rotor diameter 260 mm
- Rotor length 830 mm
- Rotor speed 70-90 rpm
- 40 Diamonds diameter 30 x 30 mm
- PLC control
- Control cabinet (fully wired)
- Screen size 8-40 mm after election
- Suction Diameter 200 mm
- Valve with pressure bar
- Vibration damping machine feet
- Automatic star-delta starting
- Auto power off at idle
- Clock control to avoid unnecessary
   Idle time
- CE-compliant

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February 06, 2014

Supplying the material from above the filling hopper of the crusher .
About the hydraulically controlled shredding slide the material is gradually against the
with reversible blades tipped rotor pressured .

The rotor is made of wear-resistant, solid material, in which is screwed the contours
are . In it the Messertraeger be welded . In each contour are two
Messertraeger with cutting tool, thus is a bigger and gleichmaessigere
Cutting over the entire rotor width achieved. This protects machine and storage.

Cutting Tools
The blades are available in various completed projects . Depending on the wood chips are
it full diamond knife and concave knife. They are depending on version 4 - or
8- reusable.

perforated screen
The perforated screen determines the Hackschnitzelgroesse . This is essentially of
further processing depends , for example, Briquetting, wood chip heating, etc.

For bigger electric drives a turbo clutch is installed additionally .
Through this gentle starting is achieved and force peaks occurring

The cabinet is equipped with a PLC ( programmable
Control) , the mounted directly on the machine or externally on a wall
can be attached. All controls are easily accessible and conveniently displayed .
Obtained on request with a touch screen.

Purpose of equipment

Crusher for wood WINTER CHIPPERMAX 830/260 is designed for small shredding wood waste wood chips.

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16 500EUR
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19 635EUR
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