Baeuerle SFM 301-3

Woodworking equipment / CNC

Baeuerle SFM 301-3
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Technical dates

Swivel angle of -5 ° to +45 Â °
Clamping length approximately 140mm, 150mm traverse
Six speeds 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000 and 10000 U / min

Commercial offer
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Year of construction
February 08, 2014

Swivel milling in full equipment
A treat for every Baeuerle fan.
Ideal for Fraese window fitters or interior designers who work with different cutters and often have recurring operations.
Positioning control with LCD screen in 3-axis for spindle height, spindle inclination, stop completely.
It can be stored 100 programs
All three axes can be run on the stored values ​​in the program.

Purpose of equipment

Used CNC Router Baeuerle SFM 301-3 is designed for high-precision machining of wood.

Price excl. VAT
8 900EUR
Price inkl. VAT
10 591EUR
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