Boring machine 2М55

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Boring machine 2М55
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Technical dates

Drilling capacity in steel 50 mm medium hardness
Spindle overhang (distance from spindle axis to form colonies) mm 375 - 1600
The distance from the lower end of the spindle to the plate 450 mm - 1600
Maximum vertical shift sleeve on the column 680 mm
Maximum axial movement of the spindle 350 mm
Spindle taper Morse 5
The greatest weight of the tool, with counterweight at the maximum permissible tightening kg 30
Number of spindle speeds 21
Limits number of revolutions per minute 30 - 1700
spindle drive motor power 4 kW
Motor power 1.7 kW displacement sleeve

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Year of construction
May 20, 2014

Special clamp central column type creates a braking torque, which guarantees high-performance drilling machine 2M55. To rotate the column requires little effort on the smallest radius of drilling, which also provides high productivity and reduces operator fatigue. Wide speed range and feed spindle provides high-performance work with any combination of processed materials, tools, size, etc. Preselektivnaya electrohydraulic remote device allows you to change modes with pre-set them.

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127 118.64RUR
Price inkl. VAT
150 000RUR
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