Atmos C 261 Aspirator DDS

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Atmos C 261 Aspirator DDS
Technical dates

Suction power: 26 ± 2 l / min.
Vacuum: -78 kPa ± 2 kPa / -780 mbar ± 20 mbar / -585 mmHg ± 15 mmHg
infinitely variable vacuum adjustment and precision indication
graduate secretion bottle 1 Ltr
Jar lid with 3x overflow protection due to innovative filter technology
integrated oversuction and DDS Direct Docking System
1 DDS bacterial filter, condensate trap, Silicone suction hose Ø 6 mm, L = 1.30 m
Hose connector (finger)
all hoses and secretion container parts can be sterilized up to 134 ° C
2 m power cord for 230 V ~ / 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D): 250 x 255 x 180 m
Use on station and in Pflege-/Rehabereich.

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February 08, 2014

Simple operation
Maximum protection due to triple overflow safety
Low acquisition and follow-up costs
Favourably priced reprocessing
No connection hoses anymore due to Direct Docking System (DDS)
High variability

Purpose of equipment

Atmos C 261 Aspirator Outstanding with regard to functionality & design for successfull respiratory tract suction

The mains-operated and battery-operated respiratory tract suction devices of ATMOS convince customers due to safe and effective removal of secretion and fluids from the respiratory tract. The innovative filter technology and the concept of secretion canister offers excellent comfort and protect the device in case of operating errors.

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