inserter Pitney Bowes DI 900

Printing equipment / Folding inserting equipment / inserter

inserter Pitney Bowes DI 900
Technical dates

Specifications DI 900
• Speed: 5,400 investment per hour
• Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle: 120,000 investment.
• feeder capacity: tower - 350 sheets or attachments 100 C4 envelopes, envelopes C5/C65 - 500 sheet feeder large capacity - 2x1000 sheets.
• The maximum thickness of the finished enclosed in an envelope: 2.5 mm (up to 8 sheets of A4 envelope in S5/S65, up to 25 sheets - in C4)
• Fold Types: C, Z, double, half, without folding
• Noise level: 73 dBA
• Power : 220V/50Hz

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May 23, 2014

DI 900 automatically generates a sequence of operations for each departure: Document filing, bending, filing additional investment (if necessary), the combination of the main document and attachments, putting content into the envelope, sealing the envelope franking envelope (if the optional device), the issuance of an envelope on the conveyor .
Community (manager) document may contain optical tags or barcodes (OMR / BCR), that can handle documents with variable number of pages, increase the reliability of accounting and each page of the document as a whole, as well as implement selective supply of additional investment.
inserting machines in this series differ modular design and provide for future expansion if needed.

Price excl. VAT
1 228 813.56RUR
Price inkl. VAT
1 450 000RUR
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