Bandsaw machine BOMAR ergonomic 320.250 DGSH

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Bandsaw  machine BOMAR ergonomic 320.250 DGSH
Technical dates

Engine power: 1,1 / 1,5 kW / 400 V Minimum diameter: 5 mm
Total power: 2.8 kVA material support height: 775mm
Tape Speed: 40 / 80 m / min
bandsaw blade 2910 x 27 x 0.9 mm

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July 11, 2014

Hydraulic semi-automatic double miter ergonomic 320,250 DGSH equipped
large co-rotating with the support of miter cuts table, which provides good support for short workpieces
. Thus, this machine is ideal for seminars, often changing miter
work. The machine is characterized, in addition to their very high cutting accuracy and
large area of ​​rotation of 45 ° on the right and left 60 °, with. It is equipped with precision carbide guides, traveling chip brush and blade 27ER! Heavy
Vibration-absorbing saw frame of cast alloy as a powerful industrial engine software
fast and trouble-free operation. Submission cutting hydraulic and can be controlled through the transparent
Control Panel. The machine has a cutting force control valve directly on the blade.

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5 778.15EUR
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6 876EUR
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