Sawmill Circular DPA-450

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Sawmill Circular DPA-450
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Technical dates

Performance 9-11 cubic meters per shift
Diameter of the original log: Up to 450 mm.
The maximum length of 6000 mm processed logs.
Cutting width: 320 mm
Saw blade diameter 450 mm.
Power saws electric motor: 2 × 7,5 kW.
Power lift motor 0.37 kW.
Voltage 380
The length of track 10,500 mm
Dimensions without track mm.:
length 1300
machine width 1760
height 1300

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February 11, 2014

More hard-disk tool ensures no waves in the cut and stable operation during the cold period. Circular sawmills are widely used in the processing of hard wood (larch, birch, etc.) in the sawmill Altai vertical carriage movement through electric with manual finishing. Circular sawmill moved manually along the guides along the workpiece, which allows sawing in forward and reverse direction.

Purpose of equipment

Sawmill Circular Altai (DPA) horizontal model designed for longitudinal cutting sawlogs to produce timber in the form of bars, rods, trimming and edging boards and veneer and sleepers.

Price excl. VAT
135 593.22RUR
Price inkl. VAT
160 000RUR
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