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Technical dates

- X = 6300 mm
- Y = 1400 mm
- Z = 210 mm
- C-axis: 0 Â ± 360 degree endless
- Weight: 9500 kg
- Dimensions: approx 9500 mm x 4500 x 2300 mm with cabinet

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Year of construction
February 11, 2014

CNC machining center TRIMA BFM 630/140 DOOR
Basic machine :
Static and dynamic stiff monoiitische steel construction.
The design of the machine allows the operator an optimal workflow
despite a minimum of Piatzanforderung.Die remnant export at the front
the machine prevents any penetration of residual pieces in the mobile
Parts and makes it easier to keep clean the machine.
Are achieved by a chip conveyor belt at the lower front of the machine
the remaining pieces and chips transported laterally from the machine.

Management system :
Through-hardened profile guide rails ( linear guide 60 HRC) in all
three axes.
Preloaded rolling bearing elements and the supporting and linear guides in the X- , Y-, and

Feed drive system :
All axes { X , Y and Z) position position controlled in the X , Y - and Z- axis with
backlash-free ball screw bearing spindles . The drive is maintenance-free
AC three-phase current- servo motors with integrated incremental measuring system for
Actual value .

Ball screw drives Roll 0.05 mrn / 300 mm Class C7
Rapid feed : X axis 45 m / min .
Y-axis of 35 m / min.
2- axis of 15 m / min

Workholding :
10 Werkstückaufiagen with three suction cups ( removable) are
on ground
secured and hardened round guides and double clamped pneumatically.
They are for free positioning on the entire working surface
displaced .
- Suction capacity of the pump: 140 m3 / h
- ZusätzlicherVakuumspeicher 250 I integrated in the machine frame
- 1 control panel on the operator side of the machine for tightening and loosening
the workpieces

Basic machine light gray, yellow boom
Cabinet RAL 7032 , pebble gray

- 0200 mm diameter at the central exhaust system.
Required Absaugleisung min . 32 m / sec air velocity
2500 pa vacuum
4500 m3 / h air flow

Compressed air:
Central connection for 13 mm hose with maintenance unit .
Air pressure 8 bar constantly required.
Air kondensgetrocknet .

Electric manual , operation manual , lubrication instructions , and Programmieranieitung
Diagnostic manual SIEMENS, Operating Instructions Control Electrical .

Installation in accordance with the regulations of the VDE
Cabinet unit operator side right , completely installed and tested
with all switching devices , command keys and electronic components such as
CNC control system , control panel and servo and Spindelcontrolier .
- Degree of protection IP 54
- Cabinet dimensions ( HxWxD ) approx 2000 mm x 1200 mm x 600 mm
The cabinet is with the narrow side facing the operator
- Operating voltage Supply voltage 3 x 400 V + 5 %, frequency 50 Hz,
- Resilient neutral conductor is present, when connected to a network Fl
to switch an isolating transformer between
- Control voltage: 24 V (DC )
- Fuse 3 x 50 A
- Permissible ambient temperature : 5-35 ° C

Safety devices:
Kappselung the boom against risks being catapulted parts
The work area is secured by photocells .

- Compact 32 -bit microprocessor - path control
- Fully digital drive system
- Up to 4 axes and 1 spindle
- Up to 4 axes linear interpolation , 2D +2 helical interpolation
- CNC - Compact panel
- 10.4-inch TFT flat panel display
- Integrated industrial PC, Windows 95 , Pentium 133 Mhz , 32 Mb RAM
- Floppy drive 3 1/2 \ "
- Serial interface RS232 C
- Hard drive (about 200 Mb free for users in the basic version )
- Socket for external QWERTY - keyboard
- Machine control panel with feed and spindle override, start and stop button
Directional keys , mode selection buttons and custom buttons.
- Manual control panel for convenient set up on the machine ,
with Handverfahrtasten , start and stop button , as well as with hand wheel for fast
Calibration of tools Programming
- Comfortable programming language editor to DIN 66025 with extensive
High-level language elements
- Program Memory 256 kB , expandable to 1.5 MB
- Program storage either in the program memory or on the hard disk
- Larger programs can be executed directly from the hard drive .
- Reading in and out of the programs and editing the programs at the
Control is parallel to the edited ( multi-tasking) .
- Tool offset memory with 99 tool offsets (expandable)
- Messages and alarms in plain text


CNC rotary axis with 11 kW motor SK
for positioning 0-360 °
Hochfrequenzfrässpindel for you . / Auto .
Tool change luftgekühlt.ISO 40
- controlled by inverter
Constant power 11 kW at 12000 a / min
Rotation direction right or left by
Control programmable .
The 4th Axis permitted in addition to the
An additional feed movement
Rotary motion of 360 ° endlessly to Tools
continuously rotate in the required direction.

-Horizontal Oberfräsaggregat 5.5 kW
for lock box processing
Clockwise dual front
Ball bearings, stepless regulation to
17000 U / min, through inverters .
Präseraufnahme for collet chuck ER 32
Pneumatic advance unit with
Linear guides and ball guide carriage .

- lateral linear changer 10 places
Height 120 mm

- ride- tool changer 10 times
Height 120 mm and a plate changer
with tool location identifier and Staubechutz .
heavy design to accommodate
large angle gear provided .

Point laser
With the help of the laser point can be
Test programs , zero points for
Determine workpiece positioning and
Workpiece contours found in the room.

12 x chuck for round arches
with lower vacuum and upper mech.Exzenter

2 x Außhubvorrichtung with 4 suckers
The lifting device is a
Additional device, pneumatically
Lift cylinder the laying and removal
large-scale and heavy doors supported.

- Internal Industrial PC for CNC control
with a Pentium 133 MHz
free hard disk 200 MB , expandable
incl.16 MB RAM
and floppy disk drive and network card.
Operating system Windows95.

Two - field operation
provided for reciprocal
Workpiece occupancy.

- Angle milling with 4 shots ERG 25
with adapter SK 40 and torque arm

Pivoting unit 0-90 \ " with Adapter SK 40
Chuck up to 16 mm and
Saw blade holder to D 180 mm.
The rotation is set manually.

Purpose of equipment

Used CNC Bearbeitungszentrum TRIM BFM 630/140 DOOR intended for vsestoronnej, vysokotočnoj detail treatment of wood.

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38 672.27EUR
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46 020EUR
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