Automatic crosscut saw OPTIMA 7

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Automatic crosscut saw OPTIMA 7
Technical dates

Billet length (maximum) mm 4300
Workpiece height mm 20 ... 100
Workpiece width 30 mm ... 250
Cross section billet
maximum at the maximum width of 250 mm x 50
maximum at the maximum height of 200 mm x 100
Feedrate blanks m / min to 75
Features Cutting Saw (Saw
complete) D = 400, d = 30, Z = 60
Spindle speed saws rev / min 4000
Maximum input
5.6 kW
Operating air pressure bar 4 ... 6
Supply air (max) L / min 168
Dimensions (reception table
1200 mm) mm 6 800/8 of 800 x 880 x 1300
Weight kg 400/470

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February 11, 2014

Automatic crosscut saw OPTIMA 7 works in two modes - cutting -to-length pieces , cutting defects by fluorescent labels.
Performance trimmer corresponds to the speed of a single operator , whose task is to mark places special shallow cut and send the blank in the input module .
Crosscut saw is recommended for medium-volume production of a wide range of products from elements of wooden doors, moldings , furniture board up windows and wall beams, structural beams.

Purpose of equipment

Automatic crosscut saw OPTIMA 7 is designed for cross-cutting of timber in the specified size and scraps of defective areas before splicing in automatic mode.

Price excl. VAT
466 101.69RUR
Price inkl. VAT
550 000RUR
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