Lathe 1В62Г

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Lathe 1В62Г
Technical dates

Accuracy class according to GOST 8-82 1V62G H
Center height
230 mm
Swing over bed
445 mm
Swing over cross slide
220 mm
Swing in the recess of the frame
620 mm
Swing bar
52 mm
width guides
350 mm
The distance between the centers of
1000 mm
The front end according to DIN 55027
No 6
Spindle bore
54 mm
Morse Taper hole of spindle
No 6
Number of spindle speeds
Spindle speed range
10 ... 1400. / min
Drive power
7.5 kW
Number of innings
Range of longitudinal feeds
0.036 ... 22.4 mm / rev.
Range of cross feeds
0.018 ... 11.2 mm / rev.
Metric thread pitch
0.5 ... 224 mm
Step inch carving
77 ... 0,125 vit / 1 "
Step modular Thread
0.5 ... 224 M
Step diametrical Thread
77 ... 0,125 DP
Progress cross-slide
280 mm
Progress top slide
130 mm
Quill diameter
75 mm
Morse taper quill
No 5
Quill stroke
150 mm

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July 17, 2014

The machine is equipped with a box 1V62G innings and apron with its own drive fast moving slide and carriage that improves the dynamics of the machine tool at rapid traverse, allowing cut inch threads 11 and 19 threads per inch removable without changing gears.

Price excl. VAT
923 728.81RUR
Price inkl. VAT
1 090 000RUR
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