2-post lift ATH Heinl 2.42HL2 450

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2-post lift ATH Heinl 2.42HL2 450
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Technical dates

Load capacity 4000 kg
Lifting height 1840 mm
Hub-/Senkzeit about 45/42 s
Synchronous traction cables
Pad height 95 mm
Abstract - short support arms 765 - 1560 mm
Abstract - long support arms 765 - 1560 mm
Concrete strength / quality 250 mm - C20/25 mm / B
Distance between columns 2820 mm
Passage width 2585 mm
Overall width 3510 mm
Motor power 2,2 kW
Drive voltage (electric) (3 ~) 400/50 V / Hz
Protection (electrical) 3C16 A
Amount of oil 11 l
Total height 4500 mm
Required ceiling height min. 4600 mm
Weight 675 kg

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Year of construction
February 11, 2014

Functional operation of the lift:
Safety catches protect the hydraulic system
Wear-resistant, durable and almost maintenance-free hydraulic engineering
Telescopic and asymmetrical support arms, with höhenverstellabren recordings and plug system increases (55 mm increases standard)
long 3-piece support arms in front and a long 3-piece rear support arms
Robust columns of 5 mm folded sheet steel
Automatic Tragarmsicherungen which unlock in the lowermost position
Störungsfeie and secure synchronization control by tension cables (12 mm thick)
Huge drive through width, low pad height for comfortable working with the lift
DC running ropes and hydraulic hoses run up over the crossmember
Ground clearance without bridge plate with a height of 4500 mm

Purpose of equipment

Sophisticated hydraulic two-post lift in a modern design for professional workshops.

Price excl. VAT
2 150EUR
Price inkl. VAT
2 558.5EUR
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