CAR1 wheel washer RWW20300H

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CAR1 wheel washer RWW20300H
Technical dates

Length: 1000 mm
Width: 1200 mm
Height: 1460 mm
Weight: 310 kg min.
Working pressure: 4 bar
max. Working pressure: 10 bar min.
Amount of water: 300 l
Amount of granules 20 kg
Washing time 40 60.120 s
Acustic power 87.1 dB
Wheel diameter: 560-800 mm max.
Wheel width: 135-305 mm
Water temp. (3460/380/r): 50 ° C

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Year of construction
February 11, 2014

Functional concept of the traditional cleaning in a closed circuit with the aid of water, granules and cleaner.
The water is preheated to 50 ° that increases the cleaning power. At the end of the washing operation, the tire is blown with air.
An even better cleaning effect is obtained by a hot water treatment.
The Warmwasserkit is installed on this machine. Compared with the cleaning with a pressure washer delivers the cleaning with our wheel washer the following advantages:
- Immense reduction in water consumption - provide considerable savings in power consumption - considerable time recovery; during the washing passage remains of labor time to do other things - better care and less wear on the wheels - low cost of water heating: heat 1 hour = 4 kW consumption

Scope of delivery:
Granules, granules basket, washing liquid

Purpose of equipment

CAR1 wheel washer, suitable for workshop use.

Price excl. VAT
5 850EUR
Price inkl. VAT
6 961.5EUR
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