PRO-TEC ATF Evolution Machine P

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PRO-TEC ATF Evolution Machine P
Technical dates

LCD display and clear design for easy operation
• Automatic filling the gearbox with oil
• Automatic detection of polarity
• Automatic switching between flow and return of the oil
• Automatically controlled cleaning function
• Display of fluid and output pressure
• The intelligent electronic control system controls the DC level of new and used oil
• improve the operation and extending the life of the automatic transmission
• The compact design of each workshop, the device is flexible and suitable for the demands
• Warranty 12 months

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Year of construction
February 11, 2014

With adapter set Eu as needed, starter chemistry set included in the price! (Cleaner and transmission protection)
Cleaning and maintenance of the entire automatic system simply and quickly with just one device.
The PRO-TEC ATF EVOLUTION offers a variety of automatic functions that make it easier transmission specialist to perform a transmission oil change. Manual operation is also possible.

Purpose of equipment

Pro Tec ATF Evolution Machine Pro, service for automatic transmission, suitable for workshop use.

Price excl. VAT
3 550EUR
Price inkl. VAT
4 224.5EUR
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