Hella Gutmann mega compaa GM3 Emission Tester (Diesel)

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Hella Gutmann mega compaa GM3 Emission Tester (Diesel)
Technical dates

When GM3 the full equipment is standard:
Gasoline with integrated OBD Scan Tool
10.4 "TFT display, various representations, red-green display
Data memory 64 MB, update via web server / modem
Warm up time 30 seconds
Extra fast Lambda calculation (<0.5 seconds)
12 volt supply for testing during a test drive
Easy and problem-oriented software
Interface for OBD and ASA Network

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Year of construction
February 11, 2014

The mega compaa GM3 Diesel is also the highest requirements. This premium unit will play up there with the professional league and convinced by many quality details and superb craftsmanship .

This will AU - tester has a very large color screen on which all the data of interest with target and actual values ​​displayed ( stored in a 64 MB data memory) . The data updating run in this device very easy by the internet or integrated modem . All relevant data you have as always on call .

With a warm up time of only 30 seconds this device is warmed up very quickly and thus allows for speedy work , the " time is money" .

Particularly useful for cleaning work is the shape of the installation of the calibrated and sealed measuring bench as a separate unit , so you can save yourself , the device always having to re- calibrate after each cleaning process.

Since the exhaust gas analyzer has a built- self-diagnosis , you always have control over whether a service unit is present or not.

Purpose of equipment

Hella Gutmann Mega Compa GM3 - Diesel Emission Tester, suitable for workshop use.

Price excl. VAT
1 850EUR
Price inkl. VAT
2 201.5EUR
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