HELLA GUTMANN Mega Macs 42 - Mobile Diagnostic Device

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HELLA GUTMANN Mega Macs 42 - Mobile Diagnostic Device
Technical dates

unique vehicle identification by VIN code
quick and easy fault
safe fault analysis
Additional information about the error code with function, effect and cause
Parameter representation with numerical value and graph simple operation
no complicated extra functions
Rechargeable battery
PassThru capable
Bluetooth adapter
USB connection

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Year of construction
February 12, 2014

The smallest of the Hella Gutmann testers is a powerhouse for fast mobile diagnostics on all major vehicle components. Error codes for all relevant components and control units are interpreted by the mega macs 42 and issued with detailed help text for repair on the display.
About the easy-to-use software gives you quick access to all important parameters to declarations of their respective owners - in numbers and as a graphic values​​. Actuator test, coding, basic setting of the control units and the provision of the service intervals for all major brands and models are done with the mega macs 42 over a few keys in a jiffy. Bluetooth connection and connection possibility to the Hella Gutmann diagnosis database round out the performance package of the mega macs 42.
Diagnostic adapter cable with ST2 Carb / OBD

Purpose of equipment

HELLA GUTMANN Mega Macs 42 - Portable diagnostic device, suitable for workshop use.

Price excl. VAT
1 990EUR
Price inkl. VAT
2 368.1EUR
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