ATH Heinl truck tire changer ATH-7242

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ATH Heinl truck tire changer ATH-7242
Technical dates

Clamping range max. 5.2 to 41 inches
Tire width max. 51/1300 inch / mm
Wheel diameter max. 90/2300 inch / mm
Bead breaker force 71 kN
Assembly speeds 2
Chuck speed 7 / 15.5 U / min
Compressed air connection 6 - 10 bar
Operating pressure max. 200 bar
Motor power 3,0 kW
Drive voltage (electric) 400-415 / 50 V / Hz
Overall dimensions machine (W x D x H) 2010 x 1550 x 950 mm
Noise level 70 dB (A)
Weight 994 kg

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Year of construction
February 12, 2014

* Electro-hydraulic light truck and truck tire
* Jig with 4 clamping arms, for hydraulic clamping and lifting
* The mounting bracket is on the carriage moved hydraulically and manually rotate and fold out automatically
* Two speeds for the rotary movement of the clamping arms

Purpose of equipment

ATH Heinl truck tire changer ATH-7242, suitable for workshop use.

Price excl. VAT
5 450EUR
Price inkl. VAT
6 485.5EUR
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