Bandsaw machine High Point HP-66

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Bandsaw  machine High Point HP-66
Technical dates

The distance between the top of the saw and conveyor belt, mm.
The distance between the bottom of the saw and the conveyor belt, mm.
The distance between saws, min, mm.
12 (3)
Settings pulley diameter x thickness mm.
711 x 25
Power of main motor (380 V, 50 Hz), kW.
15 x 2
Engine power height adjustment, kW.
0, 2
Power hydraulic conveyor drive, kW.
The distance from the blade to the pipeline, mm
Size conveyer belt
285 x 5480
Dimensions saws (L x W x D) mm

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July 31, 2014

Strong steel frame and manufactured with high precision BALANCED pulleys made of alloy steel, provide no vibration, light and soft cut.
- Special slotted rails made of stainless steel with perfect geometric precision, clearly kontroliroliruyut position of the saw blade and guarantee high quality of cut.
- Pulleys and guides have nipples, because the simplicity and ease of maintenance is the key to extend the life of parts.
- Engines made in Germany "SIMENS" with a capacity of 15 kW. easily cope with sawing hardwood at high feed rates.
- The system clamps securely fixes the workpiece during cutting, reducing the processing error, due to fluctuations in the blank.
- The conveyor belt is driven by a hydraulic motor power of 1.5 kW. Hydraulic drive provides a very high uniformity of supply and smooth stepless speed change.
- Hydroelectric power plant with a large water tank, built-in filter, level and pressure sensor.
- Tensioning the saw blade by a hydraulic system
- Motorized position the height of the saw
- Control parameters of the machine with a digital dial.

Price excl. VAT
515 254.24RUR
Price inkl. VAT
608 000RUR
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