Vertical Sawmachine SNA 600

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Vertical Sawmachine SNA 600
Technical dates

Maximum workpiece height, mm: 370
diameter saw pulleys, mm: 600
Installed power kW: 2.0
The maximum width of 580 mm cutting
Maximum angle of tilt table 45 deg
Revs / min 750
Table size mm 600 x 830
The maximum width of the saw blade 30 mm
Blade length mm saw blade 4520 ... 4600

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August 03, 2014

Bandsaw SNA 600 with a reliable and durable ribbed cast iron, thereby reducing vibration and ensures the accuracy of the cut. Bandsaw SNA 600 is also equipped with an indicator of the tension of the blade that allows you to effectively control the process of cutting. Bandsaw SNA 600 is designed to work cutting up to 370 mm., With a maximum width of 580 mm. Bandsaw SNA 600 is characterized by high reliability of operation.

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123 152.54RUR
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145 320RUR
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