Grinding machine 22-44 Plus

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Grinding machine 22-44 Plus
Technical dates

Grinding performance:
Max. Width: 560 (1120) mm
Min. Length: 60 mm
Max. thickness: 100 mm
Min. thickness: 0.8 mm
grinding cylinder (drawing of aluminum): Ø 127 x 560 mm
Infinitely variable feed rate: 0 - 3 m / min
Speed: 1400 rpm / min
Exhaust pipe: 100 mm
Output Power: 1.3 kW / S1 100%
Input Power: 2.3 kW / S6 40%

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August 03, 2014

Grinder 22-44 Plus refers to the machines of the drum type and is used for treatment of various parts of the tree and substitutes. The design provides for automatic feeding of blanks, stepless speed control, which helps to improve the quality of treatment. Grinder 22-44 Plus enables grinding workpieces up to 1120 mm width for 2 passes. The machine is tested in accordance with the standards and requirements of the European Union and comply with the latest CE regulations.

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53 389.83RUR
Price inkl. VAT
63 000RUR
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