Ленточнопильный станок HVBS-912

metalworking equipment / Saws

Ленточнопильный станок HVBS-912
Technical dates

Processing zone at 900 diameter 229 mm 178h305
The treatment zone at 450 diameter 150 mm 127h150
Dimensions of blade 27h0,9h2655 mm
Pivoting range clutches 00 -450
Tape speed: smooth 26, 50, 73, 95 m / min
desktop height 640 mm
The output power of 1.4 kW / S6 40%
Input power of 0.75 kW / S1 100%

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August 04, 2014

Bandsaw HVBS-912 four-speed of the web to the built-in coolant system and the guide of blade with two points of irrigation, which makes a perfect cut quality and reduces run-time process operatsii.Bystrozazhimnye vise with adjustable jaws and can be rotated through an angle of 90 ° to 45 ° and the hydraulic system to adjust the supply to do the job limit switch on the machine operator HVBS-912 the most convenient. As standard, the band saw (Band Saw) HVBS-912 is equipped with bimetallic blade 27x0,9x2655 mm tooth pitch 4 / 6TPI, polnogidravlicheskoy feed system, adjustable end stop, the circuit breaker and the unit coolant.

Price excl. VAT
72 500RUR
Price inkl. VAT
87 000RUR
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