Ленточнопильный станок HBS-916W

metalworking equipment / Saws

Ленточнопильный станок  HBS-916W
Technical dates

Treatment area with a diameter of 900 8709; 225, 225x355 mm
treatment area with a diameter of 450 8709; 180, 180x155 mm
Dimensions of blade 27x0,9x3035 mm
Pivoting range 00-450 clutches
330 mm diameter pulleys
Speed belt: smooth 25, 40, 52, 72 m / min
desktop height 635 mm
coolant tank capacity 16 liters
Output 1, 1 kW / S1 100%
Input power 2.1 kW / S6 40%

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August 04, 2014

Rigid, stable stand, coolant system, a four-speed cutting, large flywheel and a built-scale tension band saw blade HBS-916W guarantee the best quality of cut and reduces the wear and used tape canvases. Hardened and ground worm with bronze wheel bandsaw HBS-916W is designed for continuous operation and is characterized by reduced wear. Hydraulic system supply bandsaw HBS-916W provides smooth lowering of the saw. Guides of blade machine HBS-916W with five roller bearings provide less wear and high quality work. Additional safety when working on the machine HBS-916W is achieved through the implementation of automatic shut-off after cut. Quick-acting rotary vise, swivel bracket, adjustable end stop for the same type of repetitive operations, removable chip tray provides maximum flexibility for bandsaw HBS-916W. Bandsaw HBS-916W in the basic version is equipped with adjustable end stop, hydraulic pressure system, closed stand with coolant system, quick-vise and bimetallic blade 27h0,9h3035 mm tooth pitch 4/6 TPI.

Price excl. VAT
115 000RUR
Price inkl. VAT
138 000RUR
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