Nordlift mobile 1-post lift DHM-2500

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Nordlift mobile 1-post lift DHM-2500
Technical dates

Capacity 2500 kg
  Lifting height max. 2,100 mm
  Lifting time 29 sec
  Arm clearance 120-200 mm
  Engine / protection class 1.5 kw / 3000 / IP54
  Control voltage 3 x 380 V
  Weight 690 kg

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February 12, 2014

North Lift 1-post lift DHM-2500 in the mobile version

Electro-hydraulic 1-stage columns in the highest quality, made in Finland! Supreme quality at the absolute top price!

This very reliable single column hebebühne is mobile and therefore very individual and space saving abilities, ideal when space is limited.

The lift can be used in the workshop, as well as outdoors.

For more details:
clearly laid out and easy to use
adjustable support plates (100 to 175 mm)
smooth-steering gear
particularly practical: the one-post lift is traversable (120 mm)
Contain crossing gangways standard

Mechanical rod lock
counterbalance valve
Automatic arm locking

Purpose of equipment

Nordlift mobile 1-post lift DHM-2500, suitable for workshop use.

Price excl. VAT
5 800EUR
Price inkl. VAT
6 902EUR
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