Column Drilling Machine GHD-46PF

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Column Drilling Machine GHD-46PF
Technical dates

Max. hole diameter in steel 40 mm / M22
Max. diameter end mill 100 mm
Max. diameter end mill 25 mm
Spindle 260 mm
Spindle taper MK-4
Distance from spindle nose to table / floor 690/1469 mm
Stroke at drilling 130 mm
107 mm (automatic)
Spindle speed: 6 50-1250 rev / min
Automatic feeding Quill: 3 0.12 / 0.18 / 0.25 mm / rev
Column diameter 115 mm
Table size 555h495 mm
T-slot 2, 16 mm
Base size 914h762 mm
Input power 2.1 kW / S6 40%
The output power of 1.1 kW / S1 100%
Pump 0.1 kW

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August 05, 2014

Boring machine head can be tilted to the left or right. For the convenience of sitting drilling head can be moved along the front feeder When drilling machine GHD-46PF provides automatic return quill spindle. Coolant supply system is built into the base of the drill GHD-46PF. Microfeed spindle provides high precision drilling. Oil bath gearbox for maximum performance, smooth running operation and long life of a Drill GHD-46PF. Tapered roller bearing spindle suitable for heavy duty work. Spindle stroke limiter protects transmission from damage.

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165 833.33RUR
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199 000RUR
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