Column Drilling Machine GHD-22

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Column Drilling Machine GHD-22
Technical dates

Max. drilling capacity diameter 30 mm / M16
Reach 284 mm
Spindle taper MK-3
The range of rotation of the spindle 8 75-3150 rev / min
Quill travel 150 mm
Column diameter of 100 mm
Table size 405 x 505 mm
Number of T-slots table 2/16 mm
Max. distance from spindle nose to table 910 mm
Output power 1.1 kW / S1 100%
Input power 2.1 kW / S6 40%

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August 05, 2014

Drilling machine geared GHD-22 is made using heavy solid cast-iron construction and a large thick-walled vertical rack that provides high precision machining of materials. Machine drilling GHD-22 is equipped with a high-precision reference table movable in height with a toothed rod with T-slots. Machine GHD-22 provides an 8-speed, large speed range from 75 to 3150 rev / min. Minimum noise and vibration is achieved through the gears with beveled teeth. On the drilling machine GHD-22 may right and left rotation of the spindle for threading. Spindle taper MK-3 is equipped with quick clamping tools.

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106 666.67RUR
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128 000RUR
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