Radial Drilling Machine JET JRD-1230H

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Radial Drilling Machine JET JRD-1230H
Technical dates

Max. Ø drill steel 42 mm / M25
Max. Ø drilling cast iron 55 mm / M38
Max. Ø boring, steel / cast iron 86/120 mm
Spindle speed 44-1500 rev / min
Number of speeds 12
Spindle taper MK-4
Distance spindle rack 340-1170 mm
Quill travel spindle 250 mm
ADF quill spindle 3 0.05 / 0.09 / 0.15 mm / of
Distance spindle base 490-1370 mm
Horizontal move head 890 mm
vertical stroke console 630 mm
Column diameter 300 mm
Working area of ​​table (LxWxH) mm 635h520h415
The size of the base 1725h715h180 mm
The maximum height above floor 2780 mm
Rack height above floor 2060 mm
Lift motor Console 0.75 kW
coolant pump power of 0.1 kW
The output power of 2.25 kW / S1 100%

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August 05, 2014

Convenient location handlebars
spindle of high carbon steel with double tapered thrust bearings and
Hardened and ground gears are mounted on the spindle head splined shafts
Right and left rotation of the spindle , threading mode
Automatic ejector tool
Independent clamping system allows you to lock and unlock the operating elements of the machine
Raise / lower console on polished rack using the motor
Patented easy rotation of the rack console
Console with stiffeners
The base plate has T-slots and coolant tank with the motor supply

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754 166.67RUR
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905 000RUR
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