Column Drilling Machine B-1832B/400

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Column Drilling Machine B-1832B/400
Technical dates

Supply voltage, V 400
Power consumption, W 1 / 1.5
Max. drilling diameter, 32 mm
Tapping to mm M16
Spindle mm 160
Remove the spindle from the front, 350 mm
Remove the spindle from the table, mm 750
The progress of the drill head, mm 520
Tilting head ± 45 °
Spindle taper, Mk IV
Change speed transmission
speed range, min-1 72-2600
Number of speeds 12
Range feeder spindle, mm / rev. 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3
steps impressively 3
Column diameter, 120 mm
Table size mm 320x360
T-slot base, 14 mm
T-slot table, 14 mm
Lighting yes
Cooling yes

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August 06, 2014

The relatively small dimensions of the machine B-1850FP / 400 makes it possible to use it as a large-scale production, and in the workshop.

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172 427.5RUR
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206 913RUR
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