Lathe JET GH-1640ZK

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Lathe JET GH-1640ZK
Technical dates

Turning diameter over bed / gap of 406 mm (530 mm)
Turning diameter over cross slide 194 mm
The distance between the centers of 1015 mm
The length of a removable bridge gap 200mm
Spindle speed 42-1800 rev / min (12)
Spindle taper Mk-6
Joining spindle D1-6
through-hole spindle 50 mm
Maximum tool size 25x25 mm
Stroke longitudinal slide 990 mm
Stroke cross slide 210 mm
Stroke additional caliper 84 mm
Traverse 0,038-2,32 mm / rev (122)
Cross feed 0,015-0,93 mm / rev (122)
Metric thread 0.5-20 mm (24)
Whitworth thread 1-5 / 8-72 TPI (61)
Range fixed backrest 10-84 mm
The range of the movable backrest 12-80 mm
taper tailstock Mk-4
Stroke of tailstock quill 120 mm
The distance between the rails 310 mm
Output Power: 3.75 kW / S1 100%
Input power 5.6 kW / S640%

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August 06, 2014

Universal gearbox allows innings cut metric, inch, module and pitch threads without changing gears
Pinion spindle of chrome-molybdenum, hardened, ground and shevingovany
Removable bridge frame (gap) can handle parts with a diameter of 530 mm
Co-molded cast iron bed frame to reduce vibration allows you to work with the load
Guides are made of a high-quality wear-resistant cast iron, hardened and ground
Attractive chrome handle-yatki management, good performance of vernier and flywheels
Polished spindle mounted in precision bearings
Standard equipment:
3-jaw chuck O200 mm straight-mi / reverse cams
4-jaw chuck O200 mm
4-way tool post with lock
Movable and immovable lunettes
Chip pan
Foot brake spindle
Coolant system
Local lighting lamp
Pointer Thread
Adjustable feet
Emphasis longitudinal movement
Protective shield cartridge with a terminal you-opening switch

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458 333.33RUR
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550 000RUR
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