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Lathe JET BD-8_JMD-1
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Technical dates

Diameter of workpiece, mm:
- Over bed 210
- Over support 135
Maximum length of workpiece, mm:
- Over cross slide 450 mm
Taper spindle bore, Morse MK-3
The diameter of the cylindrical hole in the spindle, 20 mm
The distance between centers of 450 mm
Tool shank dimensions, 8x8 mm (10x10)
Spindle speed (stepless) 100-2000 min -1
Proceedings of supports, mm
- Cross 100
- Top 70
Feed mm / rev:
- Longitudinal 0,045 / 0,125
Cone Quill MK-2
Quill stroke, 40 mm
Drive power:
- Power output, kW / S1 100% 1,0_0,15
- Power consumption kW / S6 40% 1,3_0,26
Step of threads:
- Metric 17 mm 0.25 - 3.0
- 10 inch, the number of threads per inch of 8 - 24 TPI
Drilling and milling Front
Max. diameter drills. / Ø10 / Ø20
Spindle taper MK-2 / M10
Spindle speed, rev / min 100-2000
Quill stroke Spindle 30
- Spindle-hour, 140 mm
- Spindle-table, 210 mm

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August 06, 2014

The main part of the machine:
Stand - solid construction made of cast iron with hardened, polished guide has sufficient rigidity ensures vibration free operation.
Drive the main motion has infinitely variable control of spindle speed, allowing you to use all the features of the modern instrument. Digital display of speed. The left and right spindle rotation for threading.
Drive innings - The machine is equipped with a box of innings, having 2 range. Automatic longitudinal and transverse displacement podacha.Tsifrovaya display and the upper cross supports. Reversing mechanism for two-way flow. Adjustment of backlashes guide wedge bars.

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76 666.67RUR
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92 000RUR
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