Stertil Koni SK 2030 2-post lift 3.0 tons

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Stertil Koni SK 2030 2-post lift 3.0 tons
Technical dates

Synchronization control chain
Capacity 3,000 kg
Lifting height max. 2.020mm
Pad height 90 - 130mm
Hub / lowering time approx 25SEK.
Overall width 3.100mm
Through width 2.312mm
Overall height 3.909mm
Column height 3,986
Net weight 650kg
Drive power 1 x 3,6 kW
Supply voltage 400V / 50 Hz
Foundation thickness 130mm
Concrete quality B25

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February 12, 2014

Patented automatic arm locking . The support arms can be very accurately positioned - always functional , reliable and maintenance-free! The patented mechanical locking is independent of the lifting system and is always active. Extremely low seat height of only 90 mm.
The completely without base frame construction , in combination with the asymmetrical arrangement of the support arms , gives optimum accessibility. The doors can be opened easily .
The 2-fold telescopic support arms of these two post lift have been developed so that both short vehicles and vans can be lifted at the prescribed location points .
Due to the very low seat height of 90 mm ​​in 2030 also is the 2 post lift SK itself to accommodate deeper vehicles such as sports cars .
Practical tool box as standard on short support arms .
The number of moving parts of the hydraulic lifting system is reduced to a minimum.
Wear -sensitive parts such as spindles , Hubmuttern and cables are missing. This results in a particularly long service life of these two post lift . Stertil are 5 -year warranty on the low-maintenance chain. The spare parts are available up to 25 years after the last date of manufacture.
The patented Hublaufräder are self-lubricating and therefore maintenance-free .
Stertil -Koni granted it a lifetime warranty.
High stability due to the Spezialfußplatten . The special column form used for greater strength and stiffness.
The Stertil Koni 2 Sülenhebebühne SK 2030 works fast ( lifting and lowering time is just 25 seconds) , low noise , and has been successfully tested with 50,000 strokes under full load.
Due to the maximum lift height of 2,020 mm also long service technicians can work comfortably .
Automatic overload protection. The automatic locking function independently of the lifting system .
Maximum safety:
 The Stertil Koni 2 post lift SK 2030 is CE certified and TUV approved . Automatic cut-off height for vehicles with excessive height . Emergency stop switch for immediate shutdown during the lifting and lowering process - .
Automatic shut-off when it reaches the stroke end . Automatic arm , automatic activation of the electromagnetic safety locking ( unwanted sinking is avoided ) and automatic overload protection.

Purpose of equipment

Stertil Koni SK 2030 2-post lift 3.0 tons, suitable for workshop use.

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3 700EUR
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4 403EUR
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