Lathe ГС526У-01 (РМЦ 1500мм)

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Lathe ГС526У-01 (РМЦ 1500мм)
Technical dates

diameter of workpiece, mm
over bed / over support 500/275
Maximum length of workpiece, mm 1500
center in the spindle taper in accordance with GOST 13214-79 Morse 6
Spindle taper according to GOST 12593-72 6K
The diameter of the cylindrical hole in the spindle, 57 mm
Receive Height cutter installed on the machine, 25 mm
Number of spindle speeds 22
Spindle speed, min-1 16..2000
Limits of innings caliper mm / rev: longitudinal / transverse 0,05..2,8 / 0,025..1,4
Limits of steps thead: Metric mm 0,5..112
Maximum torque on the spindle, kNm 1
Main drive power, kW 7,5 (11)
Overall dimensions, mm: length / width / height, mm 3380 x 1305 1485 x
Machine weight (net / gross), 3500/3930 kg
Dimensions of packaging: Length / Width / Height, mm 3580 x 1465 x 1950
Accuracy class according to GOST 8-82 M

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September 26, 2014

GS526U lathe is one of the best developments of domestic engineering. Produced by one of the Belarusian enterprises, which has kept all its manufacturing, technical and human resources and is still producing high quality products. The machine is reliable and preserves the accuracy characteristics during long term use.
    Center lathe GS526U-01 is available with RMC 1500mm.
   Processing is carried out with a wide range of regulation of spindle speed, feed and steps of threads;
   Machine GS526U-01 may be equipped with a wide number of accessories that allows you to select the highest-quality and productive option machining of steels, non-ferrous metals and other materials.
   The machine is simple to operate and safe to use because cutting area is fenced and all the electrical and mechanical interlocks.
Package Includes lathe GS526U-01 with RMC 1500 mm:
    - Chuck 3 jaw SH250;
    - A set of replacement gears (for threading) - 1 piece;
    - Wheel gear replacement Z = 45; m = 2;
    - Wheel gear replacement Z = 73; m = 2;
    - Wheel gear replacement Z = 86; m = 2;
    - Wheel gear replacement Z = 72; m = 2;
    - Wheel gear replacement Z = 48; m = 2;
    - Wheel gear replacement Z = 80; m = 2;
    - Tool Kit - 1 piece;
    - The key to the cabinet the screw-cutting lathe GS526U-01 1 piece.

Price excl. VAT
31 500USD
Price inkl. VAT
37 170USD
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