ATH Heinl RG5.5-4 column lift system

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ATH Heinl RG5.5-4 column lift system
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Technical dates

Load capacity per column 5500 kg
Lifting height max. 1600 mm
Lifting time loaded 180 sec
Lowering charged 180 sec
Controlled synchronous electromechanical
Engine type electro-mechanical
Operating voltage 400/50 V / Hz
Weight 2400 kg

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February 12, 2014

ATH Heinl RG5.5-4 column lift system with 4 mobile columns
   Radgreiferanlage with simple, robust and low-maintenance technology
   Lifting mechanism: acme screw is stored hanging and self-locking bronze lifting nut
   Drive: geared motor with motor brake and thermal protection
   4 mobile lifting columns in box construction
   The control of the individual columns can be switched to single, in pairs or common lifting the plant
   Thanks to the built-in hand-hydraulic landing gear, the mobile column column-adjusted quickly
   Optional: adapter for smaller wheels essays
   Optional: Portable Axle Stands
   CE type-examination
Column Lift in proven ATH-Heinl quality.

Purpose of equipment

ATH Heinl RG5.5-4 mobile column, suitable for workshop use.

Price excl. VAT
12 950EUR
Price inkl. VAT
15 410.5EUR
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