Ravaglioli G4.140SH balancing machine

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Ravaglioli G4.140SH balancing machine
Technical dates

Rim diameter 10 "- 26"
Rim width 1.5 "- 22"
Max wheel weight (kg) 70
Accuracy (g) 1
Measurement time (sec) 6
Rotational speed (rev / min) <100
Power supply 100/230V - 50/60Hz

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February 13, 2014

The RAV G4.140SH offers all the features that provide the most demanding operators .
Maximum precision granted by the automatic input of distance and diameter and by the automatic ALU S and PAX program.
Quick balancing process thanks to the automatic program and automatic stop position in the external unbalanced .
The electro-pneumatic brake the RAV G4.140SH holds the wheel in place.
Automatic positioning to the internal unbalance .
Easy operation thanks to interactive inputs in the balancing process .
The bright display of RAV G4.140H guarantees optimum visibility even in poor light conditions.
Color monitor TFT SVGA 17 "
Industrial PC with static hard disk
3D graphics
Digital provided with optical sensor spacing button with alloy shaft on jack for automatic input of distance and diameter up to 26 " .
Automatic programs .
Automatic stop in position of the external unbalanced .
Automatic positioning .
Unbalanced wheel side inside by pressing a button.
Automatic stop in position of the inner balance weight .
Program for the rear -spoke placement.
Split program.
Weights minimizing (match program).
4 ALU programs.
Automatic ALU S and PAX - Program

Purpose of equipment

Ravaglioli G4.140SH balancing machine, suitable for workshop use

Price excl. VAT
5 000EUR
Price inkl. VAT
5 950EUR
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