Roller-type sublimation transfer KC-HSR-12UB

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Roller-type sublimation transfer KC-HSR-12UB
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Technical dates

Power: 3 Phase 380V.
Wattage: 18KW
Temperature range: 0-399 ℃
Time: 0-999Sec.
Table size: 1200X3750mm.
Width of Blanket: 1200mm;
Roller diameter: 420mm;
Speed ​​range: 100-300M / H.

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October 29, 2014

Widely used in thermal transfer printing or heat treatment of textile and fabric products, metal products, suitable for hot stamping clothing, handbags, umbrellas, shoes, hats, crafts, gifts, advertising supplies. Suitable for continuous transfer processing of various types of rolls of cloth, thin metal materials.
Fabric usually rolls in the form of delivery, directly to the roll of fabric decoration is usually used in the drum type sublimation transfer machine, transfer after the fabric is widely used in clothing, curtains, bedding, decorative items processing, roll materials decoration will greatly enhance the work efficiency.
The KC series transfer machine with the progress of feed, making the pieces leaflet sheet all types of personalized fabric transfer process easier, the machine has the traditional roller transfer machine for decorative horses The plate heat transfer machine dual function of the decorative pieces of cloth peace.
Garment printing market, the most popular machine in the form;
Up-feeding way for roll-feeding and cut-cloth feeding.

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