Three-side trimmer Perfecta SDY-2

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Three-side trimmer Perfecta SDY-2
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Technical dates

Maximum speed, cycles / min: 25
The maximum size of the finished block, mm 300h420
The minimum size of the finished block, mm: 70h80
Maximum delivery / cutting mm: 110/100
Stress the main clip, kN: 3-25

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Year of construction
October 30, 2014

- High precision blades and drive clamp.
- Hydraulic clamping system with the possibility of smooth adjustment of clamping force during operation.
- Hydraulic drive on the supply unit with adjustable grip force. < *** = => - Ability to work in a continuous (block after cutting pushed onto receiving table) and in the return (block after cutting back to the operator) modes. - Additional devices to perform a wide variety of cutting tasks.

Price excl. VAT
50 000RUR
Price inkl. VAT
59 000RUR
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