Wood waste grinder DOP-1

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Wood waste grinder DOP-1
Technical dates
Performance max
cbm / h

Performance - 10 ... 20 m ³ / h
Rotor speed of 1000 r / min
Maximum length of a recycling timber, mm:
vertices branchless 2000
individual branches 3500
Height schepoprovoda (ejection), 3300 mm
Dimensions of loading windows, 590h490 mm
Number of knives, pieces. 3
Number of anvils, pcs. 2
Installed capacity of 45 kW
Mains current: AC three-phase (380V, 50Hz)

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January 30, 2014

Crusher performed en bloc , comprising the following devices : boot , grinding , conveying , driving , safety and attachments . The charging device is a crusher hopper mounted on pivots at a predetermined angle to the body of the crusher by means of hinged bolts.
Comminution device is a double-disc mill with rotor blades mounted on two supports on the frame of the crusher . In one of the disks are three rectangular windows , which are set in Knife Holders with knives.
Conveying device ( schepoprovod ) crusher is a curved pipe of square section with adjustable guide of flow. The tube is mounted on the housing cover pivotably 360 º relative to the installation site.
The crusher driving device is a drive line made ​​of two parts moveable relative to one another. One part of the transmission is mounted on tractor PTO and the second is connected to the safety device .
The safety device is a single-disc friction dvuhobkladochnuyu permanently closed clutch mounted on the shaft of the grinding device .
Hitch is a tricycle, symmetrical about the axis of the crusher system , rigidly mounted in the lower and upper body .
Housing is the main carrier of the crusher . On the sides of the housing provides space to accommodate the rotor shaft bearings , anvils , boot device and mounted system.

Purpose of equipment

Crusher ATT-1 is designed for the processing of wood waste (tree tops, sub-standard pieces, large branches, etc.) in the wood chips.

Price excl. VAT
190 677.97RUR
Price inkl. VAT
225 000RUR
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