Beissbarth MT 867 ADT balancing machine

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Beissbarth MT 867 ADT balancing machine
Technical dates

Rim diameter 12 "- 30"
Rim Width 1 "- 24"
Max wheel weight 80 kg
Wheel width max. 485 mm
Wheel diameter max. 1200 mm
Speed ​​167-200 rev / min
Weight 170 kg

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February 15, 2014

19 "TFT Monitor new simple , user- friendly graphical interface
New keyboard with programmable buttons
Automatic measurement with wheel stop
Electronic feeler for automatic data acquisition rims
11 balancing programs for passenger cars, light trucks and motorcycles
Additional integrated matching program
Split program for exact weight placement behind the spokes
Multi-user program for several operator
New Easyfix ® measuring arm :
- With clamping system for easy positioning weights on aluminum wheels
- With a new recognition function of the weights and the appropriate placement type
Balancing machine easily convertible to pivot bolt and Motorradflansche
Software in 22 languages

Beissbarth balancing machine MT 867 ADT features
Using the measuring arm easyfix ® guarantees fast and precise balancing . Simple attachment of the adhesive weights is also made ​​easy thanks easyfix ®
Position of the wheel for attaching the weights can be defined by operator: for example, at 12 clock , 6 clock etc.
The design of the machine is the same ergonomics and aesthetics completely subordinates , so that all the important controls , centering cones or weights are always in reach. The accessibility for example Radinneren for cleaning purposes or attaching the adhesive weights was thought out in every way
The motor of the wheel balancing machine 867 ADT MT is equipped with an electromagnetic brake which makes it possible to position the wheels as is , where weights are to be attached . This also serves as Radpositionierungsbremse
The adjustable 19 "TFT monitor and new graphical representation allow perfect visualization and user-friendly operation
The new Windows CE-based software, and is the new graphical representation guarantee the user fast and intuitive operation, easy adjustment of settings , calibration and selection of many other functions

Purpose of equipment

Beissbarth MT 867 ADT balancing machine, suitable for workshop use.

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4 375EUR
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5 206.25EUR
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