Сasing-in machine LY-330 SKJ

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Сasing-in machine LY-330 SKJ
Technical dates

The maximum size of the block, mm - 350 x 250
The minimum size block, mm - 100 x 90
The thickness of the block, mm - 10-50
Performance, NY ./min. - 20
Power, kW - 0.6
Power supply, V / Hz - 3x380 / 50

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November 13, 2014

installation and removal bookbinding cover finished products made by hand. The order process is as follows:
1) the operator using the tool divides the block in half and puts his hand on the saddle up the spine;
2) to the desktop manually fit unfolded hard cover face up;
3) after the drive unit on the wing passes through the adhesive apparatus greased bookend the block, and then the lid is lifted;
4) when lifting arm operator presses the cover to the block of root zone and further it moves upward and closes the tight-fitting lid relative block;
5) in the uppermost position the seat will stop automatically and the operator manually removes the finished book from the machine.
The machine has a glue machine dvuhvalikovogo type with bulk adhesive tub and doctoring regulation thickness of the adhesive layer. The machine is available in a compact, easy to operate, reliable, safe and highly effective. Adhesive PVA dispersion CMC, starch, latex, etc.

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571 740.68RUR
Price inkl. VAT
674 654RUR
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