Hofmann geodyna 3900 balancing machine

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Hofmann geodyna 3900 balancing machine
Technical dates

Rim diameter 8 "- 25"
Rim Width 1 "- 20"
Max wheel weight 70 kg
Wheel width max. 508 mm
Wheel diameter max. 1050 mm
Weight 70 kg

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February 15, 2014

The geodyna 3900 is combined with a small footprint a professional wheel balancing machine with monitor for car , light truck and motorcycle wheels , high accuracy . A perfect solution for shops that want to optimize their jobs.
Virtual plane measurement technique (VPM )
Automatic input of distance rim / machine and rim diameter
Automatic , time-saving , high-precision rim width detection with smart sonar
(Standard on geodyna 3900 S , optional in geodyna 3900 )
Shortest Taktkzeit (start-stop ) of 6 seconds with a 15 "rim ( with Smart sonar )
Clearer 19 " TFT wide-screen monitor with user-friendly graphical user interface
QuickBAL function for shorter cycle times
Behind -spoke placement
Automatic braking after measurement
Pedal -operated parking brake
Optimization mode
Conspicuous weight tray
Motor drive via V-ribbed belt to ensure constant speed during measurement
Compact size - close to be set up on wall

Purpose of equipment

Hofmann geodyna 3900 balancing machine, suitable for workshop use.

Price excl. VAT
2 750EUR
Price inkl. VAT
3 272.5EUR
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