Wood waste grinder Рм-1

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Wood waste grinder Рм-1
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Technical dates
Performance max
cbm / h

Performance -4 ... 6 m ³ / h
Speed ​​cutting disc 600 rev / min
Height schepoprovoda (ejection), 3300 mm
Dimensions of loading windows, 590h490 mm
Number of knives, pieces. 8
Number of anvils, pcs. 1
The length of the chips 10 ... 50 mm
Feed Opening Size 320H615 mm.
Motor power 22 kW.
Mains current: AC three-phase (380V, 50Hz)

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January 30, 2014

Chipper PM-1 is designed for grinding small wood waste into wood chips . The maximum size of the crushed raw material in the cross section 150x200 mm , length 300 mm. Machine PM-1 solves the problem of recycling scrap ends , knots. The resulting chips are used as fuel in hot water boilers operating on waste timber , as well as for animal husbandry and farming . The resulting chip fraction depends on the sizes of cells established by the sieve , and on humidity and initial dimensions syrya.Rubitelnaya machine RM - 1 is intended for use in areas with temperatures of from -30 º C to +40 º C.

Purpose of equipment

Wood chipper for PM-1 is designed for grinding small wood waste into wood chips.

Price excl. VAT
237 288.14RUR
Price inkl. VAT
280 000RUR
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