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Planer MB103
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Technical dates
Planing width max
Planing height max
The diameter of the blade shaft
The frequency of rotation of the blade shaft
4 500
Number of blades
Depth of cut
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December 28, 2014

Advantages with two four-blade blade drawbacks:
Now PLANER blade usually two. Two of the cutting edge short time, long downtime interrupted cuts, low efficiency, vibration. The cutting process is intermittent, large load is small, summed up in the following disadvantages:
1, the product quality of processing. When interrupted cutting wood surface ripple effect of surface roughness and form accuracy, precision flatness generally low, the surface is rough, poor quality of treatment.
2, the impact on the equipment. Intermittent cutting the size of the load changes often, stroke, so the workpiece and equipment vibration, as damage to the equipment, but also the impact on their lives.
3, the impact tool. Periodic action cutting blade, blade wear.
4, the effect on production efficiency. Intermittent cutting impact, easily processed commodities flat plane, thus reducing the production efficiency.
5, the lack of security. Interrupted cutting, when the load is large, sometimes small, so planer strong vibration, and vibration harvesting, so sometimes fly out of the workpiece, the safety of the operator there is a big threat.
Four knives following advantages:
The original two-part time cutting short, long simple, low efficiency of intermittent cutting, vibration. After four pieces with a razor blade, wood planing, when at least one cutting edge, the load varies only slightly, forming a continuous cutting effect is considerably reduced by increasing the smoothness of cutting.
Analysis of effectiveness:
After improving cutting conditions have improved significantly, cutting machine work is continuous cutting, cutting resistance varies little, the vibration is reduced, the surface, shaved wood dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy is improved to overcome the phenomenon of surface waviness, roughness value decreases, improving the quality of the wood planing; reduce the degree of wear of the blade, the use of time increases, the failure rate decreases. Glider reduce the damage repair time and frequency decreased, not only improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness

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