Four Side Moulder V-HOLD VH-M618C

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Four Side Moulder V-HOLD VH-M618C
Technical dates

Working width 25-180mm
Processing thickness 8-120mm
Table length 1800mm
Feeding speed 5-24m / min
Spindle diameter Φ40mm
Spindle speed 6000r / min
Air pressure 0.6MPa
Motor Power
The first lower shaft 5.5kw / 7.5HP
The first shaft 5.5kw / 7.5HP
Right vertical 4kw / 5.5HP
Left vertical 4kw / 5.5HP
The second shaft 4kw / 5.5HP
The second lower shaft 4kw / 5.5HP
Beam down 0.55kw / 0.75HP
Feeding 3kw / 4HP
Total power 30.55kw / 41.5HP
Tool diameter
Right vertical Φ125-Φ160mm
Left vertical Φ125-Φ160mm
The first lower shaft Φ125mm
The first shaft Φ125-Φ160mm
The second shaft Φ125-Φ160mm
The second lower shaft Φ125-Φ160mm
Feeding wheel diameter Φ140mm
Vacuum tube diameter Φ140mm

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