PFT G4 Smart Plastering machine

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PFT G4 Smart Plastering machine
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Technical dates

to the power supply
400 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase
Pump Motor
5.5 kW, 385 rev / min
2-speed transmission
to switch
Engine feed drum 0.75 kW, 28 rev / min
Mixing Tower
without changing the clutch
Mixing spiral G4 Straight Straight
The rotor / stator pump SD 6-3 slimline
to measure the pressure of the mixture
screw mount 25 mm,
Pump capacity * ca. . 22 l / min
Performance Machine *
(feed wheel) 55 l / min max.
* Delivery pressure max. 30 bar max. 30 bar
* Range of feed with Ø 25 mm
Ø 35 mm with
30 m
50 m
Booster pump ** SL 0,37 kW
Water supply 3/4 "
Pressure 2.5 bar water supply
Water consumption 150 - 1.500 l / h

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Year of construction
January 30, 2015

Plastering machines, b / the entire floor of the object. a full factory configuration, with a separate pump station plus a hose connection to the water supply, and e-mail. cable. mortar hose 15 meters !!! Very good condition !!! Warranty service throughout the year. Tools for maintenance in complete set.

Price excl. VAT
245 762.71RUR
Price inkl. VAT
290 000RUR
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