PFT RITMO L Plastering machine

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PFT RITMO L Plastering machine
Technical dates

Pump drive motor 5.5 kW
Zellenradmotor 0,75 kW
speed of the pump motor 400 U / min
Zellenradmotor about 28 U / min
the pump motor power consumption of 11.5 to 400 V
Zellenradmotor 2,2 400 V
Power 400 V three-phase, 50 Hz
Fuse 3 x 25
Generators min. 25 kVA
¾ inch water connection min. 2.5 bar
Pump capacity TWISTER D 6 - 3 20 l / min
moving distance * max. 25 mm ∅ 30 m
max. 35 mm ∅ 50 m

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February 02, 2015

PFT G 4 Super continuously working mixing pumps most dry mixes. These can be filled with bags as materials, and also directly from the hopper / container via the delivery hood or bonnet injection and PFT SILOMAT

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