PFT G4 X Smart Plastering machine

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PFT G4 X Smart Plastering machine
Technical dates

Performance screw pair D6 -3 22 l / min
supply pressure max. 30 bar.
Feeding distance sleeve Æ 25 mm - 30 m., Æ 35 mm - 50 m.
The pump motor 5.5 kW
Motor supply roll 0,75
400V, 50Hz, 32A
compressor power 0,9kVt, 0,25Nm3 / min, max 6 bar
Water connection hose 3 / 4 "with couplings« Geka »
The pressure of the water supplied for min. 2.5 bar

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February 03, 2015

Plaster station brand PFT G4 X smart issued in April of 2013. Company PFT revised product line produced cars and brought to market a new position of the machinery. One of them - plaster station PFT G4 smart (new generation). PFT G4 smart (new generation) - the next generation of PFT G4 with a new level of quality and more efficiently. Differences in detail.

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359 144.07RUR
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423 790RUR
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