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log shaper Practik 2
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Technical dates

Quantity of spindles: 2
4 . Engine capacity of a fair (chashkorezny) mill: 7.5 or 11.0 kW
5 . Engine capacity of a grooving mill: 5.5 kW
6 . Movement traverses down: (at cup selection): the electromechanical;
7 . Movement traverses across: the manual;
8 . Carriage movement along a log: manual or electromechanical with an adjustable speed;
9 . Maximum diameter of preparation: 560 mm;
11 . Length of a processed log of min/max: 1.0 - 6.5 (optionally to 10,5) m

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February 01, 2014

Universal machine of initial level. Carried-out operations: shaped/machined to a cylinder, the Assembly groove, Selection of cups, Compensatory spent on drink (option). The machine has two spindles: otsilindrovochny / cutting out of cups and spindle of longitudinal processing. Has a number of advantages in comparison with a traditional design consisting of one spindle: big reliability, safety and convenience in work, and as the increased productivity.

Purpose of equipment

The shaped/machined to a cylinder machine the Practician 2 serves for shaped/machined to a cylinder of logs.

Price excl. VAT
224 576.27RUR
Price inkl. VAT
265 000RUR
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