BMS Worker №1 Сonveying pump

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BMS Worker №1 Сonveying pump
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Technical dates

Drive motor: F3M 1011, diesel, 35.5 kW
The volume of the mixing hopper: 265 liters (useful volume - 200 l)
Capacity: 3.8 m3 / h
Supply pressure: 8 bar
Feeding height: 80 m
Feed length: 180 m
Compressor: 5.6 m3 / min; fuse 8 bar

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Year of construction
February 04, 2015

Mortar BMS - is a powerful machine for the production of floor screed with high reliability. And stirred solution is fed with up to 16 mm at a distance of 200 meters. At the same time easy to use and maintain.

Price excl. VAT
10 250EUR
Price inkl. VAT
12 300EUR
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