Tire mounting machine Ravaglioli G1500.3 IT

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Tire mounting machine Ravaglioli G1500.3 IT
Technical dates

Suitable for wheels 10 "- 34"
Wheel width max. 15 "
Tire diameter max. 54 "
Bead breaker force 1200kg
torque 140kgm
Bead breaker automatically
Motor power 1.5 kw invemotor / +0.75 kw motor
Recommended pressure 8 - 10bar
weight 510kg

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February 16, 2014

Tyre Description:
lever free mounting head patented,
lower mounting head acts on the second bead by picking him and the tire is withdrawn from the rim
injunktives control panel with push buttons for movement of the rollers and mounting heads
function optimized operation
Function selection : Tire fire / mount / repeated pressurization / repeated impressions
specifically configured function cycles reduce the working hours
Extra fast, after clamping of the wheel varies the cycle time between 55-75 s, including run-flat and UHP tires
Inverter motor , any controllable by the operator speed
Inverter with Selbstbegrenzer for the Protection of the tire
pneumatically moved Abdrückscheiben from scratch-resistant material for a full rim protection
Rim width investigators allows automatic reel feed and thus the work on the bead , without damaging the sidewall of the tire
3 adjustable working heights
central clamping device also suitable for reverse rims
Radspannen done thanks to self-locking wheel disc quickly and with min. effort
3 modes of operation :
About PC
Automatic operation :
Position the upper roll on the rim Drand
then put the valve in starting position
after the start command, the bead breaker works automatically ( program Aikido )
after the first wheel positioning for the operation to start automatically and extremely quickly and is "x" times repeated
Operation via PC:
Enter tire data
Machine automatically sets the appropriate program and selects between : - SOFT
- RF / UHP
Operator can set a different program if necessary ( unsuitable programs are software- locked)
Position the upper and lower roll at the rim end edge and bring the valve to starting position
after the start command, the bead breaker executes the selected program , the intervention by the operator are kept to a minimum
Operator can cancel the automatic mode at any time and start normally ( without having to start at the start of the power stroke again ) .
stored up to 100,000 types of wheels
Transfer of stored data between different Reifenabdrückgeräten
thanks to the individual data and a quick briefing can also inexperienced staff dismantle most difficult tires

Purpose of equipment

Tire mounting machine Ravaglioli G1500.3 IT, suitable for workshop use.

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