Mortel Meister 55 Plastering machine

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Mortel Meister 55 Plastering machine
Technical dates

Pump efficiency: 6-55 l. / Min
Nasosnoedavlenie: on average. 30 bar
distance transport of up to 50 m.
Pump Motor: 380; 50 Hz.
Power: 5.5 kW 400 rpm. /min.
Kompressor: 200 l. / min.
Required water pressure: 2.5 bar (during operation)

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February 07, 2015

Mortel Meister plaster station with built-in water pump used for feeding and drawing on the work surface plaster made from ready-made dry mix. Plastering Mortel Meister applied when conducting internal and external finishing works reinforcing plaster, plaster on the basis of gypsum, lime, adhesives and flame retardants, as well as self-leveling floor.

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5 338.98EUR
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6 300EUR
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