Wacker WP1550AW Plate compactor

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Wacker WP1550AW Plate compactor
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Technical dates

Operating power 4.1 kW
Working width 500 mm
Machine height 510 mm
Max. forward speed of 30 m / min
Max. the sealing area of ​​905 m2 / h
Max. gradeability 0.3
The centrifugal force of 15 kN
Water tank capacity 10.5 l
The fuel consumption of 1.8 l / h
Fuel tank capacity 3.7 liters

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Year of construction
February 11, 2015

used Wacker WP1550AW Plate compactor

Price excl. VAT
1 950.42EUR
Price inkl. VAT
2 321EUR
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