Beissbarth MS 65 RAC.NG tire changer

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Beissbarth MS 65 RAC.NG tire changer
Technical dates

Outer rim voltage 10 "- 26"
Inner rim tension 12 "- 28"
Motorcycle wheels 15 "- 24"
Rim width 3 "- 14"
Max wheel diameter 1000 mm
Bead breaking cylinder at 12 bar 2500 kp
Working pressure pneumatic 8-12 bar
Three-phase connection 3 x 400/50 V / Hz
Motor power 0,9 / 1,25 kW
Weight 277 kg

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February 17, 2014

Rims from 10'' to 26'' from the outside tensioned
Thanks pneumatically liftable mounting column 14'' wide wheels can be mounted Convenient and safe working extremely hard tires thanks Tecnoroller and powerful motor
Flexibility and security with 2 rotating speeds with this tire
Quick set up by pneumatically tiltable mounting column and pneumatic locking of the assembly head
Rims Gentle installation by pneumatic rim release
Trouble prints large tires by rectangular turntable and roller bed Additional length adjustment of the Abdrückarms for large off-road wheels
Pax kit and quick filling via filling hose even with this tire retrofitted

Purpose of equipment

Beissbarth MS 65 RAC.NG tire changer, suitable for workshop use.

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3 260EUR
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3 879.4EUR
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